How to contact me

Want to get in touch? It depends how urgent it is. In ascending order of urgency (and probably availability):

1) Email me. Nice and simple. But please follow a few rules: don't send attachments (I'll ignore anything over about 100K, which puts most Word documents out of the picture); don't spam me with PR junk, because if you do I'll add your address to my blocked list, and my spam filters are ferocious.
A note on my spam filters:: blank subject lines, ALL CAPITALS and odd ch@r@c+ers will all get trapped, and probably killed. Sorry - blame the spammers. Use a meaningful subject line. (Hi! isn't meaningful, just in case you were wondering.)

With that said, my email FOR PRESS RELEASES AND OTHER NON-URGENT MATTERS is [email protected] .

For more personal stuff, important or otherwise, drop a line to [email protected] Please use these sensibly.

2) If you'd like to talk, and you've got Skype, you could try contacting me on Skype: my callsign/name there is However this depends rather on whether I'm (a) online (b) on broadband (c) have Skype running. (Of courses you could IM me via Skype.)

My Skype status right now:

4) You could phone or text me. Obviously if you're in PR you'll do this for something much more important than asking me whether I received your press release, hmm?

Anyhow, my phone number is 07973 502 278. That's a UK number.

If you haven't seen my CV, have a look. I've appeared on TV, radio, and written for most of the national papers. I do media training and in general I'm wonderful to have around. So now you know...